Drew Linehan Jacobs as CC
Michelle Mount as Vivian
Mario DaRosa Jr as Desh
Mikey DiLoreto as ParkerNicole Howard as Mindy
Preston Graveline as Chuck
Alex Jacobs as Daniel
Jo d'Angelo as Gwen Sullivan
Kiki Samko as Cassie
Leah Carnow as Jenny
Caroline Price as Tina
Chris Larson as Noah
Paul Ezzy as Sean
Dennis Hurley as Ben
Damon Singletary as The Coach

Stewart Evan Smith
Alexandra McDougall
Lauren Foster
Mara Elissa Palma

Written by
Jan Velco Soolman

Directed by
Vincent C. Morreale

Casting Director
Danielle Lucas

Production Coordinator
Katie Wooliscroft

Stephen Gilbane

Original Songs by
Gretchen and the Pickpockets



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Staying in Boston

Staying in Boston is the award winning web series about Cecelia (“CC”), a Harvard grad living in Boston who leaves her stable job to pursue her passion of acting. She pays her bills by piecing together several odd – and often hilarious – jobs. And the only thing funnier than her paycheck is her love life.

Her best friend is Vivian, who was born in a suit and pumps and is very focused on her promising career in finance.  But she has her own unique insecurities, as well as a wacky assistant who consistently feeds her silly advice.  

Each webisode is anchored by the voice of CC’s acting coach dispensing wisdom on acting, and on life in general.

At it's heart, Staying in Boston is about having the guts to take a chance and pursue your dream,  even if it doesn't seem rational. It's about realizing that when you're not sure what you should be doing or where you fit in, your friends will always make you feel at home. And ultimately, it's about learning that when you're trying to figure out which way to go in life, the best voice to listen to is your own..