We are pleased to announce that our Indigogo campaign for Staying In Boston season 2 has officially launched! We need your support to help us meet our production costs! Please take a moment to check out our campaign. If everyone on our social media pages made a $15 contribution, we'd meet our goal in two days!

What is Staying in Boston all about?

Staying in Boston is the story of a group of friends in their 30's navigating life and love in the city of Boston. The first season of our award winning series introduced CC, a young woman about to turn 30, who quits her stable job to pursue her dream of acting. Our second season continues CC's story as she deals with the fallout from that decision. Her story takes us into the world of Boston's fringe theatre scene where she meets one of of the city's legendary theatre reviewers, whose infectious love for theatre guides CC in a new direction.

Meanwhile... a new romantic interest and looming layoffs at work threaten to upend CC's best friend Vivian's structured and well-planned life; One of CC's notorious bad dates returns in a most unexpected way; and  Parker is dragged (kicking and screaming) out of his complacency by Chuck. Of course, that's all before CC's mom shows up to meddle with her daughter's life.

At it's heart, Staying in Boston is about having the guts to take a chance and pursue your dream,  even if it doesn't seem rational. It's about realizing that when you're not sure what you should be doing or where you fit in, your friends will always make you feel at home. And ultimately, it's about learning that when you're trying to figure out which way to go in life, the best voice to listen to is your own.


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