Drew Linehan Jacobs as CC
Michelle Mount as Vivian
Mario DaRosa Jr as Desh
Mikey DiLoreto as Parker
Paul Ezzy as Sean
Leah Carnow as Jenny
Dennis Hurley as Ben
Damon Singletary as The Coach

Caroline Price
Nicole Howard
Stewart Evan Smith
Alexandra McDougall

Written by
Jan Velco Soolman

Directed by
Vincent C. Morreale

Casting Director
Danielle Lucas

Production Coordinator
Katie Wooliscroft

Stephen Gilbane

Original Songs by
Gretchen and the Pickpockets



Staying in Boston
Season One

Staying in Boston is the story of a group of friends in their 30's navigating life and love in the city of Boston. The first season of our award winning series introduced CC, a young woman about to turn 30, who quits her stable job to pursue her dream of acting.

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In the series premiere, a string of very odd jobs leaves CC questioning her decision to give up her career to pursue acting. 


Confidence takes center stage in the second episode of the series as Vivian's assistant, Jenny, offers her some advice that doesn't quite go the way she expected. Elsewhere, CC prepares for a very important audition. 

Everyone's had bad dates, but CC is on a streak. After the worst bad date since her breakup with her boyfriend, CC recounts her less than stellar track record for Vivian and Desh. 

CC's friends are in town visiting for a big party. But first they have to navigate the streets of Boston and JP to get there. Will they make it? Watch and find out! Special appearances by Caroline Price, Stewart Evan Smith, Nicole Howard and Alexandra Mcdougall. 

CC agrees to help Vivian out when a new opportunity presents itself. But it puts her in an awkward position right before a big date with Ben. 

CC reunites with an old friend, who makes an unexpected confession. Could this finally be the guy who makes up for all her bad dates?

CC meets up with some of Vivian's coworkers and a slip of the tongue leads to an awkward encounter with the charming Ben. Special Guest Star: Dennis Hurley


While waiting for news on an important audition, CC and Sean reconnect for a night out. However, the events of the evening lead her to question what it is that she truely wants. And what her future holds.
CC faces a new chapter in her life and wants to kick it off with a holiday dinner at her new, downsized apartment. When everything goes wrong, she learns that gratitude can come in the most unexpected ways. The cast of the award winning webseries reunites for this brand new holiday episode!