Drew Linehan Jacobs as CC
Michelle Mount as Vivian
Mario DaRosa Jr as Desh
Mikey DiLoreto as Parker
Nicole Howard as Mindy
Preston Graveline as Chuck
Alex Jacobs as Daniel
Jo d'Angelo as Gwen Sullivan
Kiki Samko as Cassie
Leah Carnow as Jenny
Caroline Price as Tina
Chris Larson as Noah
Damon Singletary as The Coach

Larry Stark as Himself

Paul Ezzy
Lauren Foster
Mara Elissa Palma

Written by
Jan Velco Soolman
Vincent C. Morreale

Directed by
Vincent C. Morreale

Casting Director
Danielle Lucas

Production Coordinator
Katie Wooliscroft

Stephen Gilbane

Original Songs by
Gretchen and the Pickpockets


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Staying in Boston
Season Two

Season Two is Here! Join CC, Vivian, Parker and the rest of the gang in a brand new chapter full of life, love and adventures.

CC's story continues as she confronts the fallout from her decisions in season one. Her story takes us into the world of Boston's fringe theatre scene where she meets one of of the city's legendary theatre reviewers. Still unsure of her decision to quite her stable job, she wrestles with the progress she's made in her acting career, while a surprise visit from her mother only complicates things further. Viv has her own career issues to deal with, including an unexpected love interest. And we learn more about Parker and his long-time partner, who puts demands on their relationship and forces Parker to make an important decision.

Don't forget to catch up on the first season, including the special holiday episode, that sets the stage for the season to come!  If you enjoy the series, please like, share, comment and subscribe!

Season Two of the award winning series returns to find CC in over her head. Taking a break from acting, she decides to spend the day watching her sister's kids, and quickly finds that even days off are even more chaotic than rehearsal.

CC struggles with the reality of being an actor in Boston. But when she turns to her coach for advice, expecting an easy answer, she is confronted with some hard truths. Meanwhile, Vivian faces a complication at work when her proposal is dismissed.

While attending Mindy's annual Valentine's Day in May party, CC runs into someone from her past. Is it possible that her "Worst Date Ever" might warrant a second chance? Meanwhile, Desh's past finally catches up with him, and has no intention of letting him off easily.
While CC stresses out over Larry Stark's review of her performance, Vivian goes about her day with her usual confidence. But when her assistant Jenny brings some disturbing news to her attention she must contend with potential layoffs in her department.
In the Mid-Season Finale second chances abound when CC introduces Daniel to Parker, and Vivian and Alex mull over telling the rest of the office that they're dating. But a new complication arises when someone from CC's past shows up unexpectedly. Staying in Boston Returns with New Episodes in February!

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Monica Erickson   Prestion Graveline
Keith Glidden              Maggie Glidden
Janet Halton                Nicole Howard
Paul Ivankovics                    Lisa Lamp
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Sandra McDonald             Lucy Mattoo
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Vin Morreale Jr            Lizette Morris
Michelle Mount                       GT Photo
Laura Rinck                        Peter Rinck
Kiki Samko                        Emmy Serviss
Arnie Soolman               Sandy Soolman
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Jim Velco                               Lori Velco
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Keturah & Steve