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Staying in Boston Season Two Premieres!

Paracelsus Films is pleased to announce that Season Two of Staying in Boston is now available!

Episodes 1-5 will be posted every monday through December 25th, with Episodes 6-12 following in early February, 2018.


Season Two promises to be a more ambitions season that continues CC's story as she confronts the fallout from her decisions in season one. Her story takes us into the world of Boston's fringe theatre scene where she meets one of of the city's legendary theatre reviewers. Still unsure of her decision to quite her stable job, she wrestles with the progress she's made in her acting career, while a surprise visit from her mother only complicates things further. Viv has her own career issues to deal with, including an unexpected love interest. And we learn more about Parker and his long-time partner, who puts demands on their relationship and forces Parker to make an important decision.

The entire original cast including Drew Linehan Jacobs (CC), Michelle Mount (Vivian), Mikey DiLoreto (Parker), Preston Graveline (Chuck) and Damon Singletary (The Coach) return, and are joined by a brand new group of friends. Featuring Alex Jacobs, Brandon Green, Kiki Samko, Jo Di'Angelo, Nicole Howard, Mario DaRosa Jr, Caroline Price, Chris Larson, Leah Carnow and more.


Season 2 is now available! Watch it now and don't forget to like, subscribe and comment!