Local Team Creates New Web Series That Is Uniquely Boston

Boston, MA, November 4Paracelsus Films announces the release of the first trailer for its new romantic comedy web series, Staying in Boston. The series, written by Jan Velco Soolman and produced by Vincent C. Morreale, is a change of pace for the company primarily known for award winning sketch comedy (A Spritz in Time) and genre pieces (How to Win the Internet; Project Nephilim).

Staying in Boston is an eight-episode web series set for release in 2014. It follows the lives of CC and Vivian, two best friends from Harvard moving ahead in their careers. When CC decides to take a chance and quit her stable office job to pursue her passion of acting, she must piece together several odd and often hilarious jobs in order to allow time for auditions. Her new life is an adjustment, and the only thing funnier than her new paycheck is her love life.

Set against the vibrant and unique backdrop of Boston, Staying in Boston features a diverse cast of local talent including Drew Linehan, Michelle Mount, Mario DaRosa, Jr., Paul Ezzy, Dennis Hurley and Mikey DiLoreto. The series also features original music of New England band Gretchen and the Pickpockets.


Staying in Boston was filmed entirely on location and with the generous support of local businesses including the Pour House on Boylston Street and Shake the Tree in the North End, and features stunning views of the rustic shorelines of Gloucester and of course the unmistakable Boston skyline. “We really approached this project with an attitude of ‘Let’s make that happen!’” says Director and Producer, Vincent C. Morreale. “Whether it was filming in a lavish office suite in the heart of the financial district; running around the Orange Line in a giant shrimp costume; finding a roof deck with that perfect view of the skyline; or helping out on a lobster boat for a day, we didn’t want to limit ourselves or the scope of the project. Working without big studio budgets can be daunting, but it shouldn’t limit your creativity or sense of adventure.”

Independent film was a new adventure for writer Soolman, a local playwright. “It’s been such an amazing experience being so involved from start to finish,” said Soolman. “With my plays, I would just submit them and have no input as to how they were executed. With Staying in Boston, I’ve worked with Vin on all aspects of the production. It’s been a true team effort and I’ve learned a lot.”

Currently in post-production, the premiere of Staying in Boston is scheduled for summer 2014.