Nicole Howard as Margareet Zelle
Maurice Emanuel Parent as Marlow
Nicholas McNeil as Elias Weller
Dabareh Security as Kristin Harris

Kevin Lowney
Travis Joyce
Daniel Fury
Lara Fury

Written and Directed
Vincent C. Morreale

Vincent C. Morreale
Christine A. Banna

Director of Photography
Christine A. Banna

Casting Director
Danielle Lucas

Fight Choreographer
Lara Fury

Photography and Continuity
Bridget Toner

Stephen Gilbane

Project Nephilim Theme
Laurie Hendricks


Project Nephilim:
From the Beginning

From the Beginning is the first in a series of short films set in the rebooted Project Nephilim Universe. This all-new short was created for the 2015 Boston Indie Mafia’s Wicked Film Challenge, where it took home an award for 'Outstanding Visual Effects.'

A prequel set several years before the events of the original miniseries Salvation, Elias Weller makes a daring escape from a secure research facility to find his sister, Melissa. An agent for the Dabareh Corporation, Marlow pursues Elias, determined to make sure the sibling reunion never takes place. But Marlow soon discovers that he's not the only one searching for Elias...