Paracelsus Films is pleased to announce that it will be offering a $250 cash scholarship to an Emerging Filmmaker as part of the 2015 Massachusetts Flash Film Festival! As part of our mission to support the artistic creativity of local filmmakers, Paracelsus Films will be offering this award in addition to, but separate from, any offered by the organizers of the Massachusetts Flash Film Festival.


This award is available to amateur filmmakers currently enrolled for the 2015-2016 academic year in high school or higher education that show a high level of creativity and imagination. Advanced equipment (high end cameras, drones, etc.) is not required for consideration. Finding creative solutions is the key.

To be considered, the participating Team Leader must craft a film that effectively utilizes the required elements in a narratively significant way. Each element must serve the story, and not be an afterthought. Creative visual effects or “Hollywood shots” can be achieved through technical imagination. For example: dolly shots can be created by putting the camera in a wheelchair; aerial drone shots can be simulated with cameras on PVC pipe, etc.

The film must meet all the necessary requirements for admission into the Massachusetts Flash Film Festival, and must be submitted on time.

The Scholarship Recipient must be the film’s Team Leader and/or Director of the film, and must be enrolled in at least 12 credits (or the full time equivalent).The recipient will need to provide Paracelsus Films with official enrollment verification from their university or high school.

Judging Criteria

Story and Use of Elements: 45%
Creativity in Achieving Interesting Cinematography: 35%
Overall Quality of Direction and Performance: 20%


The film must meet all requirements for inclusion in the Massachusetts Flash Film Festival. Late submissions are not eligible.

All work must be original and film may not contain any unlicensed music or stock footage.

Although it is not our intent to put limits on creativity, films may not include any graphic language, violence or nudity.

Affiliates of Paracelsus Films are not eligible to receive the scholarship, and eligible films may not contain any cast or crew member affiliated with Paracelsus Films. Affiliated is defined as: Paracelsus Films and/or Boston Actors Theater Core Cast or Crew Members, Company Members or Supporting Cast, Crew and Extras involved in the following productions: Staying in BostonProject Nephilim: Salvation, Project Nephilim: From the Beginning, How to Win the Internet, Warren’s Last Film, Chess Mates, Christmas After the Zombocalypse, Shelfish Desires, Death on Toast, A Spritz in Time, The Settlement, Ask Drew, and Hence These Tears.

The Judges

Vincent C. Morreale founded Paracelsus Films in 2007 with borrowed equipment and a tiny budget of only $500. His first production, Project Nephilim: Salvation brought together a team of over two dozen cast and crew that took nearly four years to complete. Since then, Paracelsus Films has grown to include a string of award winning short films, which include past Flash Film Festival winners Death on Toast, A Spritz in Time and The Settlement. He is a regular participant of the 48 Hour Film Festival as well as Boston Indie Mafia, where most recently his short film prequel Project Nephilim: From the Beginning received an award for Outstanding Visual Effects. He is perhaps best known, however, as the producer and director of the award winning web series, Staying in Boston, which took home two awards and 7 nominations at the 2015 LA Webfest.

Christine Banna is a professional photographer, artist, colorist and lighting designer whose design work was featured in the short film Christmas After the Zombocalypse. Additionally, she contributed color correction to the final episodes of Project Nephilim: Salvation and the 2012 48 Hour Film Project: Silent, But Not Invisible.

Danielle Lucas founded Paracelsus Films’ sister company, Boston Actors Theater in 2004, and currently serves as its Producing Artistic Director. She has appeared in three films with Paracelsus Films, including the award winning short, The Settlement, and the original web series Project Nephilim: Salvation. Behind the camera, she serves on Paracelsus Films’ Advisory Board, and was the casting director for the award winning web series Staying in Boston, and short film Project Nephilim: From the Beginning.

As a theatre director she has received acclaim for the Boston professional premiere of Mary Zimmerman’s Metamorphoses, Where Moments Hung Before, and Sex, Drugs, & Rock n Roll. Recently she directed/choreographed Your Wildest Dreams for Heart & Dagger Productions. As an actor she has toured the country, done summer stock, regional theater, multiple film projects with sister companyParacelsus Films and returned to singing on stage in Polaroid Stories last season. She is passionate about supporting local artists and the Boston community.


Vincent C. Morreale
Executive Director
Paracelsus Films
78 Hewlett Street
Roslindale, MA 02131