Paracelsus Films
In Association with Downcellar Films
and Black Cat Stunt Productions

Produced and Directed by
Vincent C. Morreale

Dennis Hurley

Director of Photography
Paul Ezzy

Lightsaber Animation
Vincent C. Morreale

2D Sprite and 3D Animation
Paul Ezzy

Fight Choreography
Lara Fury
Daniel Fury

Paul Ezzy
Dennis Hurley
Vincent C. Morreale

In Order of Appearance
Lara Fury
Daniel Fury
Nicholas McNeil
Nate Gundy
Vincent C. Morreale
Michael Simon
Mauro Canepa
Elizabeth Keith
Melissa Specht
Russell Keith
Travis Joyce
Julie Costatino
Kevin Lowney
Justin Aucoin
Kate Sokol
Andrea Davulis
Dennis Hurley
Rob Crean
Patrick Hughes
Gabriella Ciambrone
Emmy Serviss
Kevin Doug Fitzgerald
Danielle Leeber-Lucas
Julia Specht
Dave Hurley
Rupert Cornelius
Vin Morreale Jr
David Lucas
Danielle Kellermann
Sam Ike
Kristen Boucher
Stewart Evan Smith
Mark O'Donald
Laura Burns
Nichole Howard
Chuck Schwagger
Jak Peters
Quinten James
Denise Drago
James Aitchison


How to Win the Internet

When four friends set out to make a zombie movie, things quickly go awry and they conclude that zombies are so last year. But what now? How can they torture their stunt coordinator? What are they going to do with all these spare socks?!

What follows is a madcap adventure full of pirates, puppets, parodies, puns and a plethora of questionable endeavors. Will they win the internet? Is such a thing even possible? What could possibly be more awesome than Zombies and Sock Puppets? Who cares when there are laughs to be had!