Arts in the City

A new web series from Paracelsus Films
Coming in 2017


What is Arts in the City?

Arts in the City is a new web-series produced by Vincent C. Morreale through Paracelsus Films. It explores the art and artists who contribute to Boston's cultural identity. Through conversations with painters, musicians, poets, theatre and film groups, we try to discover not only what kind of art is being made in and around Boston, but what it takes to get that art out there. One of the many things we hear from artists is a concern over the lack of space and resources available. Our hope is that through our conversations we can shed some light on what is available, but also what the City needs to do to better support the artistic community.

When and where will the show air?

Arts in the City will be available on the Paracelsus Films Youtube Channel in 2017. It will air weekly as part of an upcoming content release which will include sketch comedy (The Minute People), movie reviews (Two Guys, a Girl and a Movie Review) and the second season of our award winning web series, Staying in Boston.

How can I get updates on the show?

For updates, behind the scenes photos and all sorts of information, like us on Facebook, follow us on twitter, and definitely subscribe to our Youtube channel.

What kind of artists Are you looking for?

All kinds. If you're making art and have an interesting story (or even a not so interesting story) we want to hear from you! Right now we are looking for writers, poets, performance artists, musicians and many more!

I have a show coming up in a few weeks and would like to promote it on your show. Can I do that?

You certainly can... However, the show won't air until 2017, so that may not help you much. We'd rather focus on promoting you as an artist. It's less about What You're Doing Tomorrow and more, What are you Doing and Where Can People Learn More About You.

My art involves [insert really out there, envelope pushing stuff], is that something you want to see?

Of course! Why wouldn't we?

Really? What if it's REALLY controversial?

Here's the deal: we're here to explore the many forms of artistic expression present in Boston. Not all art is meant for/enjoyed by everyone, and that's exactly how it should be. We want to feature as much variety of expression as possible. Controversial and difficult subject matter is worth discussing. It's important. Especially if its not something we or our audience would typically “like.” Art that challenges and makes people think is extremely important. If your art challenges and provokes the audience's understanding of gender identity/race relations/the status quo, etc, we'd be excited to explore it. In the end, we will consider all forms of artistic expression but naturally reserve the right to determine what we feel is the right fit for our show and our audience.

I'm an artist and would like to appear on the show.

Fantastic! We'd love to hear your story! Follow this link and fill out a short questionnaire to tell us more about you and your art.

I'm an artist based out of [Insert City that is Not Boston], can I still be on the show?

At this time Arts in the City is focused on exploring the art and artists unique to Boston. While we do make occasional exceptions for some artists outside the Greater Boston Area, we want to showcase those that make our city unique. There is so much creativity and imagination out there that it is simply not possible to feature it all. That said, we would still love to hear from you! Maybe in a future season we will come to your city!